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Yes. All modules must be completed in order as they appear above. You can not skip modules or units. Modules and units will only activate once the previous module/unit has been completed. Once you have successfully completed all modules and units your certificate will issue automatically. (Please note: We do not issue print versions of certificates, all certificates are digital copies which you may download and print from within your account portal.)

You have 12 months access from the date of registration. You can renew at the end of the 12 months if you require more time.

We recommend 2-3 hours per week over 12-14 weeks. If you have additional time you can complete the course in a shorter time period. There is no restriction or drip feeding of content so you may complete the course at your own pace. We have had students who have completed all modules and units in less than 2 weeks.

For individual students the cost is €97 for 12 months access. We also offer corporate rates for multiple students.

Yes. You have direct access to tutors from within your course portal where you can ask questions. You can also communicate with fellow students via our portal groups and share your knowledge with others.

Once you signup for an account you will be sent a user name and password. You can login to our course portal via the “Course Login” button on the top right of all our webpages.


No. You can access the course portal from any device, mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. Our portal is cloud hosted so there are no device restrictions.

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