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Payroll Changes – Budget 2022

Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS): The EWSS has been extended to 30th April 2022 in a graduated format.

Budget 2022: Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe delivered his budget 2022 speech to Dail Eireann on 12 October 2021, below is a brief summary of changes affecting your Payroll for 2022!

Income Tax Rate: No changes for 2022, they stay @ 20% & 40% respectively.

Tax Credits Personal, Employee and Earned Income tax credits has increased from €1650 to €1700.

Statndard Rate Tax Bands: Single person band has increased from €35,300 to €36,800. Married couple one income has increases from €44,300 to €45,800. Married couple two incomes has increased from €70,600 to €73,600

Universal Social Charge:2% band ceiling will increase by €608

0.5% USC rate No changes for 2022
2.0% USC rate No changes for 2022
4.75% USC rate No changes for 2022
8% USC rate No changes for 2022

Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) The weekly income threshold for the higher rate of employer’s PRSI will increase from €398 to €410.Minimum Wage increased from €10.20 to €10.50 from 1st January 2022

Our Online Payroll Courses for 20222 will include all updates as announced in the recent budget.

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